Learning to Drive in Sheffield with COVID-19 Precautions

Driving Lessons during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Updated 22nd October 2021

Driving Lessons and tests re-started on 12th April 2021

Very Very busy.  Very few spaces.  If a space becomes available in the Sheffield, Dronsfield or Chesterfield area, we will contact customers on the waiting list first. Please use our contact form (click this link) and we will add you to our waiting list.  

We  have limited  availability either through our team or colleagues and partners. 

Text or call 07812377119.  E-mail Or message us via Facebook.

Theory tests - long waits

Practical tests - long waits

Driving Lessons during the Coronavirus Pandemic


Click here for the latest guidance and how to apply.

This information is changing all the time and may change again, but the link stays the same.


Click here for the latest guidance and how to book your theory test.  The waiting time is long.

This information is changing all the time and may change again, but the link stays the same.

In the meantime, practice your theory by reading the highway code and using online theory test practice resources like our theory test pro.

Click on the link above to complete free theory and hazard perception tests.  To pass your theory test you need to answer correctly 43 out of 50 multiple choice questions.  To pass the Hazard perception test you need to score at least 44 points.


Lockdown quiz - tough questions
Lockdown quiz - traffic signs
Driving Lessons during the Coronavirus Pandemic


Click here for the latest guidance and how to book your practical driving test.  Tests are available locally.  The waiting time is long.

Your instructor can discuss with you precautions that your driving test examiner will take and any differences to the normal driving test. The main points are 1) the toilet facilities will not be available at the test centre unless in an emergency; 2) if you make a serious or dangerous fault the examiner will direct you back to the test centre straight away; 3) both you and the examiner will wear face coverings; 4) you must take your theory pass certificate with you to the test centre

This information is changing all the time and may change again, but the link stays the same.

Has you theory test expired during Covid-19 or will it soon expire?

Legally, your theory test certificate cannot be extended in any circumstances.

You’ll need to book and pay to take another theory test.

You need to pass this before you can book your driving test.



Our driving instructor will take precautions before each lesson...

1.   Please confirm that you are fit to drive and have no COVID-19 symptoms (a high temperature, a new continuous cough, a loss of taste or smell) before your lessons.  Also consider if anyone in your household/bubble has symptoms.  If you have symptoms the driving lesson/s will be terminated and future lessons cannot re-start until you have recovered and for a minimum of 10 days unless you supply proof of a negative test result.

2.  When your driving instructor arrives for your lesson, they will clean the controls and surfaces of their car before you get in.  They will visually assess you have no symptoms and ask if you are okay again and if you have been in contact with others that have COVID-19.  Please wash your hands before your lesson and after.  Please bring your own hand sanitiser if you wish to.  Your driving instructor will have their own santiser.

3.  Your driving instructor may wear a face and nose covering, they may request that you do.  Your instructor may wear gloves, they may request that you do.  You will know this in advance of your lessons.  If you are not requested to wear a mask or gloves, avoid touching your face.  On test, you have to wear a mask unless you have a valid reason not to and have informed the DVSA as such. 

4.  If you display any COVID-19 symptoms whilst driving, the instructor will terminate the lesson immediately.

5.  During the driving lesson, the windows will be lowered for ventilation even if it is cold and raining.  We may not provide any handouts or ask you to touch any of our training materials.  You may use your smart phone to take a photo.  Please look ahead whilst we are talking to you even if we are at the side of the road.  

6.  If we are asked to provide your details to NHS Track and Trace Agents we will do so immediately.  By taking driving lessons with us, you agree to this.  If we are asked to self isolate by Track and Trace Agents we will until we are declared fit by testing or have isolated for 10 full days by law.  If this means we are not available for your driving test, we will try our best to provide a substitute instructor, it is not guaranteed that we can provide a substitute and we are not liable for any losses incurred if we cannot provide a substitute instructor.

7.  Please do not just consider yourself, consider the risk to others in your household/bubble who may be at high risk before starting driving lessons.  Please feel free to discuss any additional precautions you would like to take with your instructor.

8.  These precautions may not stop transmission of COVID-19.  You are taking lessons at your own risk as are we.  We are following guidelines from NASP.

9.  We will not charge any cancellations fees if you cancel with COVID-19 symptoms, unless you have given us less than 2 hours notice.  We will ask for proof that you have been tested as this may effect us and our need to self isolate.  We will ask you to send us confirmation of a test result.   Remember, unless you provide evidence of a negative test result, you cannot continue your driving lessons for 10 full days.

10.  The preferred payment method is bank transfer, please organise the transfer before your lessson starts.  If you need to pay with cash, please have the correct amount.

Remember, you can collect Rapid Antigen Tests from your local chemist or order them on-line, they are free!

Best wishes to you all and a big thank you to all key workers - you do us all proud.