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Driving Instructor Training


Be your own boss teaching a life skill.  Become an Instructor.


Are you good enough?

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Have you got Nerves of Steel and the Patience of a Saint?  Can you teach?

Do you meet the instructor criteria?  Are you patient?  Are you flexible?  Are you a people person?  Are you are a super driver?  Can you instruct someone on how to be a super driver?  You need a lot of qualities to be a Driving Instructor.  Have you got what it takes? Call us for a no obligation chat, we will answer all you questions.

Life as a driving instructor has a lot to offer.  Do you want great pay?  A new car?  To be your own boss?  Do you want to help people become safe competent drivers?  Can you work on your own?  Choose SuperDriver for your driving instructor training in Sheffield and we will help you through the course from Potential Driving Instructor (PDI) to Approved Driving Instructor (ADI).

You may be just starting out or be part way through your training, we will tailor the right training course for you.  All our tuition is on a one to one basis with CRB checked and DVSA Approved Driving Instructors. 

All our instructors have been through it, and know what it takes to get you through parts 1, 2  and 3 tests.

Have a good look at this page and the links and videos within it.  Talk to us and other instructors about what it is like to become a driving instructor in Sheffield.   Contact SuperDriver by text or call 07812377119.  E-mail Or message us via Facebook

Pass Your Driving Instructor Training in Sheffield and the possibilities are endless...

You can go further than just learner driver training.  You can diversify with further training to refreshers, pass plus, motorway, fleet, ecosafe tuition, Instructor standards check, Driving Instructor ADI Parts 1, 2, 3, emergency services and armed forces training!


There's no need to buy Apps or PC DVDs.  Included with your SuperDriver Driving Instructor training in Sheffield is free access to Theory Test Pro.  Click on the link above to complete free theory and hazard perception tests.  Remember to choose the ADI option. 

To Pass you need an overall score of at least 85/100 and at least 20/25 in each of the four question categories - 1) Road Procedure. 2) Traffic Signs and signals, car control, pedestrians and mechanical knowledge. 3) Driving Test, disabillities, and the law.  4) Publications and instructional techniques.

And you need to pass your Hazard Perception with at least 57/75.

For test centre locations, to book your test, find out the latest test fees, waiting times and what score you need to pass click here.

Click here for DVSA's YouTube Clip - Part 1


You consistently score 23/25 in each theory topic on theory test pro and into the 60's on hazard perception tests

ADI Part 2 Training


This test examines your skills on various roads and traffic conditions.  Our instructors know what is expected, where you could be taken and you will with our help.  A no obligation assessment drive from one of our instructors can show how good you are.

To Pass you cannot incur more than 6 'minor' driiving faults.  More than 6, or a Serious or Dangerous fault is an instant fail.

For test centre locations, to book your test, find out the latest test fees, waiting times and what score you need to pass click here

Click here for DVSA's YouTube Clip - Part 2


Can you drive for 1 hour, complete all the manoeuvres and score 6 or less driving faults?  Ask our instructor!

ADI Part 3 Training


Can you instruct us how to drive?  You will learn how to deliver a lesson in a variety of ways whichever suits your student.

For test centre locations, to book your test, find out the latest test fees, waiting times and what score you need to pass click here

Click here for DVSA's YouTube Clip - Part 3


Apply to become a PDI with SuperDriver.   After you have completed 40 hours training with an ADI you can apply here.  It is £140 for the trainee licence more commonly known as a pink badge.

The trainee licence lasts 6 months and will give you a wealth of experience ready to tackle your last test. 

Driving Instructor Training
DVSA youtube videos

What's this going to cost?

Some organisations charge all the fees in one go without possibility of a refund if you decide to pull out if you find it is not for you.  We will train you on a 1 to 1 pay as you go basis.  Our fee per hour is £39 with a minimum of 2 hours per lesson.  If you can complete the training in your car it is £35 per hour.  Waiting periods for tests are quite long, the whole process could last between 6 months and 2 years.  We recommend studying for this whilst employed, do not give up your job straight away.  Whilst there are 3 distinct parts to become a driving instructor, there is overlap between them.

A part 1 (theory) pass can be achieved with a minimum of expense.  It will take a lot of study, and the purchase of books for research and of course the test fee.  You can practice theory and hazard perception tests for free on our theory test pro website.  Call us for a chat.

A part 2 (driving ability) pass will require the help of our instructor, an assessment drive will indicate how many hours of training is required to get your driving to the required standard.  Some think this is easy, it is not.  Typically 10-20 hours of tuition may be needed at £39 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours per lesson.  A lot of what is learnt here will feed into your part 3 driving instructor training.

Part 3 (instructional ability) is the toughest of the tests and the pass rate nationally is low.  Typically you will require 40+ hours (40 hours record) at £39 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours per lesson.   Once you have completed 40 hours in total, you can apply for a PDI trainee licence otherwise known as a pink badge (click here for more information).  This is your chance to put your practice into action with real customers paying you for quality tuition.  A further 20 hours training (declaration record) will be required or/and a minimum of one fifth (supervision record) of your PDI lessons conducted with a ADI.  This will give you more experience for your part 3 test.

When you have passed, come and join SuperDriver!  Visit our ADI's required page for more information.

What happens when i pass?

Congratulations, you passed and now you have your Green ADI Badge which entitles you to charge a fee to give driving lessons.  You will find life as a Self Employed Driving Instructor very rewarding and flexible.  It feels amazing when your customer 'gets it' and when they pass their tests.  You will have done your bit to make the next generation of drivers safe for our roads.  Whilst you will effectively become your own boss, you will need customers and with no reputation or recommendations that can be tough.  That is where we can help you! 

You can become a SuperDriver Driving Instructor.  We receive lots of calls so we are sure to fill your diary, quickly and locally.  With lessons prices from £35 per hour you will earn a great wage if you put the hours in.  Add to that job satisfaction and flexibility and you are on to a winner.  Where you go next is up to you, the Green ADI badge can open lots of new career possibilities.

Call us for honest answers to your questions on how to become a driving instructor in Sheffield and what it is like to be one.

For your first step to a new career as a Self Employed Driving Instructor - contact SuperDriver!