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Local, fully qualified driving instructor who will put you in the driving seat with great value manual and automatic driving lessons in Chesterfield and surrounding areas.

Hello Future Drivers of Chesterfield! 

We know what it takes to pass driving tests.  We can show you.  

Call or text us for your local Driving Instructor in Chesterfield.  E-mail info@superdriver.co.uk. Or message us via Facebook

Whether you're a beginner or driven before, whether you need pushing or patience.  We will deliver tuition at the right pace for you.  We will be honest with you, we will motivate you, we will crack this driving together and train you to become the safest of drivers. 

Chesterfield is not the easiest place to drive, we have some congestion problems in our town centre, we have the A61 and its scary big roundabouts and we have long fast rural roads.  Perfect for learning.  Perfect for when you have passed.  Perfect for your driving lessons in Chesterfield. 

All of our training is on a one to one basis in our training vehicle fitted with dual controls to keep you safe if things go wrong.  Our instructors have been driving many years and have lots of experience to share with you.  Whilst driving is a serious business, with professionalism and humour we will get you through it.  Learning to drive is not just about the test, we will show you all the manoeuvres needed and more, we will work with you and sat nav, you will follow directions and signs, we will help with vehicle maintenance questions and deal with any troublesome road conditions you may need to resolve.  Do you need more?  Do you want to learn how to replace a bulb or change a tyre?  Do you have a particular local issues that you will have to deal with?  Just ask us and we will be happy to show you.

Give us a call, lets have a chat about your driving lessons in Chesterfield and how we can help you.  Your call will be answered by an Instructor, a real instructor able to answer all your questons.  We will fit your lessons around your busy schedule collecting you from home, work or college and we work 7 days a week.  Evenings and weekends are busy. 

Our driving instructor in Chesterfield will let you know in advance of driving lessons what the training topic will be for your next lesson so you can read the highway code, practice your theory and feel prepared.   

SuperDriver is a top choice for your Driving Lessons in Chesterfield and surrounding areas

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Our driving instructor in Chesterfield instructs customers of all abilities.  Including beginners, partially trained, those who have failed previous tests, been banned and need to retake tests or extended tests, or perhaps if you just want a refresher to build up your confidence.  If you are nervous, anxious or the opposite, Dave is the instructor for you..  We know everyone is different and we will adapt to  meet your needs.  So, for intensive driving lessons in Chesterfield Derbyshire or pay as you go, give us a call for a chat.

We don't just help learners, we can widen your experience and  teach new skills.  we can tailor a course to help you.  Motorways are a common request.

For all our customers taking driving lessons in Chesterfield we include free access to Theory Test Pro.  Click on the link above, add your name and email address and you can practice your theory and hazard perception.  For a  pass you need 43 out of 50 on the questions and 44 points out of 75 for the  Hazard perception.   82% of theory test pro users pass the theory test first time (UK average is 41%).  Go on, try it!

We advise that you consistently score 46+ for the theory questions and over 50 for hazard perception before taking the test for real.

Driving Lessons in Chesterfield

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What to expect on your first driving lesson in Chesterfield

If you have never driven before you are going to love this!  First time experiences can be really exciting or make us feel really anxious.   We get it!  Talk to us, tell us how you are feeling.   We will collect you from home on time.  After we have introducd our self, we will ask to see your driving licence photocard and will ask you to pay.  Next we will check your eyesight, can you read a car number plate from 20 meters away?  If you can see the required distance, We will drive you to a safe place to begin your training.  We will swap seats with you.  You are now in the driving seat and we will show you the controls.  Then how to move away and stop.  Don't worry, you are safe, all our cars have dual controls (clutch and brake on the passenger side), so we can help you if we need to.  What we can't do is stop you from braking so we won't drive on busier roads until we are both confident!  If you're picking things up quickly, you may be able to drive home.  Your objectives on your first time driving is to understand the basic controls, be able to move away/stop and drive yourself home.  On finishing your lesson we will ask how you felt it went, explain what is next and book your next lesson.  I bet you can't wait!

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Our driving instructor in Chesterfield covers Ashgate : Brampton : Brimington : Clay Cross : Coal Aston : Dronfield : Dronfield Woodhouse : Eckington : Hasland : Hathersage : Holmewood : Newbold : New Whittington : Old Whittington : Staveley : Unstone : Walton : Wingerworth