Show Me / Tell Me

SuperDriver Learning Centre - Safety Check Questions

Show Me / Tell Me

Don't worry, the safety check questions are not difficult.  They are basic checks and maintenance issues that you answer at the test centre and operation of vehicle functions whilst on the move.  You need these for life, not just for your driving test.  These are the basics, if you would like to know how to operate the radio, change light bulbs if one blows or fit the spare wheel in the event of a puncture, our instructors will be happy to show you how.

After you have signed and presented your paper work and passed your eye sight test, you will be asked one Tell Me question. On the move you will be asked a show me question.  These relate to the maintenance and operation of your car.  If you get one wrong or both wrong, you will receive a driver fault, it could be a SERIOUS FAULT if you make a driving fault whilst trying to operate a control!

To watch official videos of the DVSA Show Me Tell Me questions being answered or to print them out, click on the links below.

Good Luck!