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ADI Part 3 Training

Thank you to my fellow road users of Sheffield

24 June 2021

An Open Letter of Thanks or an Apology!

How many hours does the average person need?

12 June 2021

How long is a piece of string?

My story - How i trained to become a driving instructor

11 June 2021

In 2007 I made the decision to become a driving instructor.  Click here to read how i did it.

Day in the life of a Driving Instructor

11 March 2021

From an instructors perspective (mine).   Click here for this not so fascinating story!

Should I take driving lessons in a manual or automatic?

10 June 2021

The age old question brought back into the spot light after the government brought forward a ban on petrol and diesel cars to 2030.  Fully electric cars and hybrids are all automatic!  Click here to read more.

Frequently Asked Questions asked by our customers

26 November 2020

With 14 years experience you hear the same questions over and over again.  Click here to read the questions and the answers.

Passed your driving test recently?  Has the New Driver Act been explained to you?

25 November 2020

Your licence will be cancelled (revoked) if you get 6 or more points within 2 years of passing your test.

How easy is that?  Well click here for an idea of how many penalty points you get depending on the offence. 

Some examples.  You'll get 6 points for not having insurance!  Speeding 3 to 6 points.  Using your phone gets you 6 points.  Its not just points and losing your licence.  You also get fined.  Your insurance premiums will rise too.

Drive Safe!  Be legal.   Read more about this

So why do candidates fail their driving test?

29 October 2020

Click here for the official stats and top 10 reasons from the DVSA.  Observation at Junctions is Number 1.

The latest changes to the theory test are here. 

Updated 28 September 2020

The hardest and easiest places to pass your driving test.

Just read this on the BBC News website.

Relax - The pass rate for Handsworth is 45% and Middlewood 44%.  Its 46% nationally.

Wow - Its easier to pass in Handsworth.  As an experienced driver I would say Middlewood had easier roads.

Electric Cars

updated 1 November 2020

SuperDriver has 2 electric cars in it's fleet.  2 Renault Zoe's.

With range anxiety becoming a thing of the past.  What do we think of electric cars? Click here for more

My Standards Check

19 September 2019

My last standards check was in September 2019.  I got an A... Again.

Big Thanks to Tori who was my learner driver for the test.  And she passed first time in November 2019.  The standards check is a great reminder to instructors how our customers feel on test day.  For Instructors, we get 3 attempts to pass and if we dont, we have to re-train and take all our tests again.  A grade A is not a measure of how good an instructor is, it is how well they performed on the day.  Find out more about the test here.

A New Learners Journey

1 January 2017

From an instructors perspective... mine.  Read this review with a twist.

From applying for the provisional licence to passing the driving test. 

Click here for the full story

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