On Average, How many Lessons will i need?

How many Driving Lessons does the average person need?

12 June 2021

I've been a driving instructor since 2007, so by now you would expect I've mastered this profession but there's always room to improve. There's always more to learn and something new to see and a new difficulty to overcome.

I'm always asked, how long will it take until I can drive?

The Shortest
I remember one customer passed with me within 20 hours. Start to finish. He didn't even have a car.  The only practice time he had was with me.  He lived close to the driving test centre which helps enormously, did his homework and just got it straightaway!

The Longest
Over 100 hours is not unusual. Some customers need a lot of time and it can be for a multitude of reasons. It is massively rewarding when customers pass their driving test and more so when they have struggled with the whole concept from start to finish. As a driving instructor, I've always put my heart and soul into helping them through the process.

The Average
I can't say I have ever worked out my average. Between 40 and 50 hours plus private practice is widely acknowledged as the average.  I googled it!  I found the grid to the right on Google - could be useful.

How many driving lessons you need will depend on how quickly you learn.  You will know when you are ready to take the test and drive on your own.  How? If you still need instruction, you are not ready!

There is no question that practising tricky areas in your local test area is beneficial.  My local driving test centre is half an hour drive away from where I live and where my customers live.  So in my case, this is going to increase the number of hours customers require.

Inevitably, customers get rusty if there are long breaks between lessons so Covid-19 has not helped them.  I'm sure this has increased the average.

How many Driving Lessons will i need?

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